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Purchase a flight box of 4-gram jars and slip one jar into the toe of each of your loved one's stockings; tuck in a few coldbrew packets; or if you want to get really fancy, upgrade them to a Sabun Kubo Dark Bamboo Scoop. 

...with our preassembled Selected Sets. In each of our sets, we’ve gathered together everything needed for an optimal Breakaway Matcha experience.

Sky's the Limit

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

For the Cook

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 Framed $675

Unframed $425

From $44 / 25-pack

Treat them to the best of Breakaway Matcha! Pair a jar of our pinnacle matcha, Blend Daphne, with a stunning, handmade Standhardt tumbler in white or red. For the art lover; give them a handpainted, matcha party scene from renowned sumi-e artist Michael Hofmann.

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For the happy couple! Choose one of our delicious blends, two tumblers that pair well together (such as Fayt Honey and Fayt Grooved), and a tool kit to top it off.

Let us help make your gift-giving incredibly easy for you this year. Here are a few suggestions to delight your inner circle of family and friends. We'll ship whatever you wish, quickly and free. Make it easy on yourself, and know you're giving a gift that's thoughtful, health-forward, and very personal. 

Choose from 12 different blends starting at $39.

Exquisite custom designed tumblers by our favorite ceramicists will elevate your matcha experience; 22 different styles to choose from starting at $45.

Everything you need to make the perfect cup of matcha, all in one convenient place!

Have a culinary maestra or maestro in your life? Give them a matcha challenge -- you might even reap the benefits! (and you can always hit us up for matcha cooking inspiration -- just send Eric an email). 

Treat them to the best. Start with a jar of the most ethereal matcha you'll find anywhere, Blend Daphne. Make your Daphne in a stunning, handmade Standhardt tumbler in white or red. Or you could really wow a loved one with a framed Michael Hoffman original "Jizo Matcha Party" -- painted especially for Breakaway Matcha. We can't stress enough how beautiful these are, or how happy they make us.

Our full gift guide:

10 beautiful ways to gift matcha


Our full gift guide: 

10 beautiful ways to gift matcha